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Black Ice Magazine

I originally wrote this story as “ADRIAN” which was an acronym for Automated Data Repository and Inference Analysis Network. But the opening, which had a geek traveling to Austin where his ex-girlfriend had a problem with an AI that was developing common-sense logic, didn’t have enough punch. I re-purposed the story starting out on a space station and an AI that monitored for attacks by asteroids.

I designed some telecommunications software in the ’80s for tracking vehicles as they traveled across the US. We needed a name: Automated Data Retrieval and Information Analysis Network, ADRIAN. Pretty catchy, huh?.

Comment by the Black Ice editor: “You had me at ‘religious fanatics redirecting asteroids to Earth.’ A great blend of dry absurdity and speculation.”

Hell of a Day

To read: Hell of a Day.

Originally workshopped at Mendocino Coast Writers Conference in a workshop composed mainly of women. They hated the story. It wasn’t that the writing was bad, they took a strong dislike to the character. That’s not surprising. I based the story on a few people I’ve known that were twisted.

Dark Gothic Cover    Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine, October 2017

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Last Winter

This story was inspired by recent scientific discoveries that Neandertal DNA is present in Homo Sapien’s DNA. It’s now thought that Neandertal’s and Homo Sapiens interbred.

The story won the short story second-place award in the 2016 Mendocino Coast Writers Conference competition.

It is based on real science. Here’s another article: TechTimes – Early Humans

Published in Piker Press, an online magazine, 2016-11-14. Last Winter


In this story, I experimented with voice. The character is a battered woman – a challenge for a man to step into those shoes.

This story won the Writing for Social Change award at the Mendocino Coast Writers Conference. It was published in Winning Words the publication of the conference, June 2002.

It is provided here since the magazine is out of print: Jamie