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Sentient presents a possible near future of technology and a discussion of sentient artificial intelligence. In the book, Superintelligence   Nick Bostrom argues that we need to start thinking about the emergence of a sentient artificial intelligence because it’s coming. More…

When an AI researcher is killed, James Forrest, super-geek, and Susanne Anderson, CEO of Distributed Nanotech, are thrust into the fight against a world-threatening technology; they join forces with a sentient artificial intelligence and dark web allies to expose a political conspiracy and usher in a new world.

As a cyber-attack moves from Berkeley to South Korea to Kathmandu to Colorado, the only one that sees the whole pattern is Alpha. James, Susanne, and Alpha fight the vicious worm streaking across the internet, attacking electric girds, cell phones, and nuclear missile silos. They struggle to find the person who loosed this scourge, but of course, it all comes down to power.

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Sentient is probably Hopepunk. Since it’s a thriller, that’s all I can say without disclosing plot lines.