Friends and Associates

Lori Durbin: wife, life companion, love

Samantha Durbin: daughter, writer,  editor. raconteuse. Link to info about her memoir: Raver Girl.

Mary F. Burns: writing companion

Brenna Silbory: writing companion

Annie Tucker editor

Mathew Mather writer of good Sci-Fi

Sejal Patel: writing companion

Mendocino Coast Writers Conference: a source of inspiration and friends.

Roy Dufrain: classmate at Mendocino Coast Writers Conference. He recently published a story, If Not Words, in the Scarlet Leaf Review.

California Writers Club – Berkeley See this for events.

What Will Change Everything Since my AI books propose that the development of artificial intelligence will change everything, Edge is a place where there are some interesting discussions about things like that.


I don’t think you can avoid thinking about politics in the current climate. It would be nice if politicians would just work on doing the right thing and the rest of us could go about our business. But when leadership is so stupid and mean, we have to spend some time trying to point the way. Here are some people doing the right thing:

Smart Gun Laws: Should be obvious, shouldn’t it?

George Lakoff: A great thinker whose works will change the way you see things.