Uncertainty Series

This is a series of novels around the theme of Artificial Intelligence and the enabling technology. The plan is for at least three books in the series.


Publication Date: October 29, 2017


Nano-Uncertainty – the danger of a unconstrainted AI. Are the dangers real or imagined? How far would you go to prevent such an AI from getting loose?

Nano-Uncertainty Reviews




More Uncertainty explores the birth of a sentient AI. A work in progress. Target publication date is the middle of 2019. A draft is available for review.

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When an AI researcher is killed, James Forrest, super-geek, and Susanne Anderson, CEO of Distributed Nanotech, are thrust into the fight against a world-threatening technology; they join forces with Alpha, a sentient artificial intelligence and dark web allies to expose a political conspiracy and usher in a new world.

As a cyber-attack moves from Berkeley to South Korea to Kathmandu to Colorado, the only one that sees the whole pattern is Alpha. James, Susanne, and Alpha fight the vicious worm streaking across the internet, attacking electric girds, cell phones, and nuclear missile silos. They struggle to find the person who loosed this scourge, but of course, it all comes down to power.

Man and stars shutterstock_363444638  Absolute Uncertainty

The next book in the Uncertainty Series explores the issues with Autonomous Intelligent machines. In the first two books, AIs were constrained to large-scale computers. This is the probable platform for a sentient artificial intelligence because sentience probably requires a lot of computing power. Eventually, we may be able to develop something like the positronic brain of I Robot or Data of Star Trek. When AIs are autonomous, they can build their own chips and new robots. What are the stepping stones? Should we build the stepping stones?

A nice and scary book about autonomous AIs and war: War in the Age of Intelligent Machines.