Seeing You

Seeing you, standing alone,
Barefoot in blue jeans,
So independent and so small,
Recalls my loneliness.

The more I know you,
The more it hurts –
A welcome pain.

Are you what you appear to be?
It’s hard to separate the you from the me.

The strength and the little girl,
Side by side, inside and out.
Have you grown to cherish your childhood?

A little girl in a blue smocked dress,
At her birthday party,
Smiles on her face, presents at her feet,
Having her day,
So much in charge.

It’s hard to leave the Care Bears behind.
Even if you put them in a box,
You have them forever.

Will the Care Bears listen to the gangster rap,
And watch you struggle with your classes?
Or will that restless anxiety abandon them,
And wander into darker lands?
Will new thoughts awaken the day,
And view bears in a broader context?

Although we live apart,
And my tears water the darkest night,
You belong to an ache in my heart.
No matter how deep the sadness seeps,
I long to see you strong and free.

I feel your strength and see the spark,
Do you know how capable you are?

That intense focus, a true gift,
That wry wit, the brothers share,
A taste for the edge, my personal touch.
Softness shared with few,
A joy, well hidden.

My childhood was stolen, I did not know when,
So hard to celebrate yours.
Now, the girl in the blue smocked dress,
Holds the hand of the woman in red.