Not like the dam

Not like the dam that bursts
With a wall of water,
Smashing and slamming,
Breaking forests and bridges,
Rushing to the sea,
Leaving only foundations.

Darkness, light unfolding
Roundness, softness, warmth.

Not like the glacier that grinds
With hard determination,
Granite polished with pressure,
The stuff of valleys and meadows,
Pushed into the plains.

Needy, want unbending,
Edged, hard, and cold.

More like seeping water,
Wet on slime and moss,
Slipping in the darkness,
Between ageless rocks,
Alone, unfeeling,
Emerging into the day uncaring.

Pain, unending.

Beneath the walls,
Beneath the floors,
Under the basement,
Under the stone,
Where no one looks.