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K.C. Finn

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5 Stars

Reviewed By K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

Nano-Uncertainty is a science fiction thriller by Gary Durbin, written for adults. The novel walks that delightful line between science fiction and science fact, drawing on recent research into artificial intelligence to create its murder mystery plotline. Susanne Anderson is a capable, no-nonsense CEO who has powered her way to the top of the nano-tech world, only to be landed with a clearly profitable new computer system which no one in her company seems to be able to comprehend. It’s time to hire a specialist, and he comes in the form of the new bohemian styled James Forrest. With James’s help, Susanne comes face to face with the Visualizer, an enigmatic AI that draws them both in, even as murder breaks out all around them.

Gary Durbin’s structure is reminiscent of Michael Crichton in that he takes time to explain the scientific elements as well as devoting scenes to character development. Nano-Uncertainty is deservedly tech-heavy, and will not suit all readers, but I for one was fascinated by the untold possibilities of the system designed by the strange recluse, Philippe Colbert. Durbin weaves a murder mystery plot and a romantic subplot into the tale and, though I found James and Susanne perfectly well-formed characters for the purposes of this book, the real star of the show was the Visualizer. The exploration of the possibilities of the future of AI intrigued me before I even turned the first page, and readers who go into Nano-Uncertainty with that mindset will discover a terrifyingly imaginative realization of the near future. Chilling!

Dec 07, 2017 Patrick rated it
It was amazing.
This is a fantastic book. It probably helps to be a bit of a software geek though to understand parts of it. It describes very accurately what it’s like to work in a software startup. I enjoyed the scenes of the SF Bay area since that’s where I spent my working life.

The concepts of distributed parallel processing were fascinating. Makes me want to jump back into developing some software again. Of course, it brings up essential questions about whether we can make AI too smart. We will have to see. I encourage you to read it.


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November 13, 2017

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November 15, 2017

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