Nano Characters

Philippe Colbert, Principal Scientist
Susanne Anderson, CEO
Larry Anderson, Susanne’s dead race car driver husband
Alison Green, lady in black
James Forrest, Tech Wiz
Arnold Peters, Chairman
Albert “Frank” Franken, Detective
Alberta Lester, Detective
Mike Mosley, Detective Supervisor. Sergeant
Stewart Feinberg, Philippe’s adviser
Nam Sing, Forensic Detective
Monica Halpern, Venture Capitalist, Dana Partners
Peter Flanagan, Salesperson
Subu Gupta, VP Engineering
Bill Ferguson, VP Sales
Laura Pasternak, CFO
Dave Waldorf, Sales Support Tech
Joan Martin, Friend of James
Miriam Francis, Code Manager
Freddy …, Testing Manager
Katherine “Corky” Smith …., Sales Chicago
Nathan …, Sales Texas
Mike Mitchell, Corp Lawyer
Roger Latham, Professor at Stanford, Alison’s adviser
Terise Rossi, Vice President, Shiva
Foundation Financial: Sales prospect, Chicago, projected usage 5,000 bots
Vince Monroe Vice President, Marvin Washington CEO

Santa Fe Management, project management problem – swap out manager

Shiva: Customer with performance prob, Austin

Terise Rossi; Thomas Marby, CEO; Maarten Crocker, CFO; Becky Silber – previous project mgr.