With advanced hacking tools, it’s possible to record a few conversations from the Oval Office. Most are not interesting but here are a few.


Want to take a bet?


How long the media will spin from one sentence. “We are going to review the Iran agreement.”

I’ll take one week.

I think it will be good for two weeks.


“So, did you talk to them?”

“Yeah, it’s all set, Vladimir will be meeting with the press tomorrow. He’ll say that the relationship has gotten worse.”

“I’ll put out a tweet after that.”

“You think he’s going to push the French election?”

“Could be. The man’s a genius.”

“We’ll need to keep the press distracted.”

“How about Iran?”

“North Korea would be better. That will give them a chance to bring in the talking head generals.”

“That’s good. Whenever the generals start yapping, they always throw in some comments about how we need a bigger military budget.

“You’re not worried that somebody is going to ask why we need another aircraft carrier in order to fight ISIS?”

“Are you kidding? Do you have any idea how much advertising the networks would lose?”


“Neither do I, but it’s Yuge.