Baby Formula

We have a shortage of baby formula. Let’s increase the cost of cleaning Baxter’s factory by increasing its interest rate. (Fed rate increase.) Only an idiot would think that’s a solution. We could also send in inspectors to take weeks to determine if the factory is clean yet.

Instead, send the national guard in to clean the factory in a day. Or send a flying boxcar to Europe where they don’t have a shortage and pick up tons of formula. Then blow up some regulations and hand out free formula at your local government office or deliver it to mothers tomorrow.

Go to a website, say you need formula, and FedEx or Amazon delivers a week’s worth tomorrow. What’s hard about that? One planeload of formula and five geeks over a weekend.

I’m tired of people complaining without suggesting a solution. New rule: you must accompany your complaint with a proposal, no matter how crazy. If we get enough crazy ideas, some of them might work.


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