Nano is Audible

Audible has just released the audiobook of “Nano-Uncertainty.” Any of you that didn’t get around to getting the ebook, the paperback, or the hardback, now is your chance: Nano-Uncertainty Audible

I wrote a little piece about my experience publishing an audible book: Audible by Design.

Book two of the Uncertainty series, “Uncertainty” is complete, and I have a publisher interested. I have written about 25,000 words of book three. It’s still in the thriller genre, but the bad guys are becoming less important as I explore the point of view of an AI and the consequences of a sentient AI. I have a strong idea for book three, but that may be a more traditional Sci-Fi novel rather than a thriller. I have several short stories that explore the AI point of view, but no luck getting any published yet. I might publish them as a collection.


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