More Uncertainty


More Uncertainty the second in the Uncertainty Series is nearing completion. I have a new web page for the series: Uncertainty Series. It seems to have evolved into a series at the insistence of the characters. In More Uncertainty, the characters took me in unexpected directions. I had a fairly detailed plot as is necessary for a thriller, but about halfway into the book it took a new turn, and I had to hang on and see where the characters took me.

I have the first scene of the next book in the series banging around in my head. As I was researching some ideas for that book I came across a nice and scary book: War in the Age of the Intelligent Machine.

The popular book, Superintelligence argues that we need to plan for a artificial intelligence that is more intelligent than we are because it is coming. I hope I am presenting one version of that future.

Gary Durbin

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