IQ Contagion

I read a post by someone who felt that they had been made dumber by listening to Trump. His Babbleness was ranting at the CPAC conference the next morning. I listened for only a few minutes before I felt brain cells dying. With as many as I’ve already lost, I figured I couldn’t afford to lose anymore and turned it off.

If I went to a Trump rally, would I forget how to tie my shoes? Subjected to political speeches every day, do congressional pages have to be placed in supervised facilities after a few years in service? I was relieved to find out that the page program was ended. What about reporters! Has daily political speech already made them driveling idiots? You judge.

But perhaps this is the wrong metaphor. Exposure to farm animals at a young age gives children better allergy resistance. Is exposure to the crazy discussions about arming teachers inoculating a generation of teenagers against Fox news infections? Imagine a citizenry that could tell the difference between reasoned discussion and propaganda. Dream on.

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